Trav’s Blog: Few Points from Real Talk On Relationships

I believe that healthy things grow. I have never had to beg a healthy plant to produce fruit and growth. On the opposite end of the spectrum I have had many of gardens not succeed due to an assortment of failed gardening techniques consequently causing an unhealthy plant. Our goal at NoVa this year is Healthy Roots. I Wanted to share a couple of key thoughts from a couple of weeks ago on Real Talk on Relationships:

1.Real Relationships are God Centered – Not Self Centered. When we put Jesus in the center of our relationship we keep our priorities straight and our perspective right.

2. “Me, Me, Me Will Destroy We.” – This may sound redundant but the first aspect is we must put Jesus in the center, then we must put our significant other first. Successful relationships are selfless relationships not selfish relationships.

3. If you are single, The Pursuit has Perks – Lets just be real, who really like the pursuit of finding the “right one.” When we start being the right one, then we will find the right one. But beyond on that, we see the pursuit is like navigating a field full of landmines, the pursuit has perks. Proverbs 18:22 – “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, AND obtaineth FAVOUR of the Lord.

To find something we must be intentional, diligent, and look. I will be posting the podcast of our series soon. The finale is Dating v. Courtship. I encourage you download and share!🙂

Video Blog Update: Inspire Commune-ty Conf Call; #UPCIGC11; #SFC; & @NovaChuch Updates

Wanted to a Video Update on everything going on! Inspire, General Conference, SFC & NoVa! Just a bunch of crazy stuff going on! I would like to start posting some more Video Blogs in the future…